DOTA—— ABUP Intelligent Cloud Diagnosis

DOTA is an intelligent cloud diagnostic service launched by ABUP, which includes graphical programming, diagnostic tree knowledge base, diagnostic service platform, vehicle-side diagnostic control and other systems.

Intelligent Cloud Diagnosis
Intelligent Cloud Diagnosis PK Traditional Automotive Diagnosis
DOTA-provides better capability of diagnosis and maintenance for OEMs

Cloud Diagnostic Services::

Automatic fault analysis to obtain vehicle fault information

According to the fault information, push to prepare for after-sales service

Fault data is saved in the cloud to improve the ability of after-sales fault analysis

Local Maintenance Service:

The local diagnostic instrument provides traditional 4S shops service

Quick repair provides on-site service to customers

The vehicle  central control mode saves VCI equipment and makes it possible for users to maintain independently

Local Maintenance Services:

Web access is more flexible by abandoning traditional software restrictions,

Abandon expensive VCI communication equipment to make maintenance more convenient;

Fast access leads to more efficient service;

Remote Assistance:

Request expert assistance to quickly solve customer’s complex problems

For intractable problems, engineers can quickly access and obtain first-hand data analysis

Product Tools
  • Diagnostic instrument software
  • Quick Repair APP
    (Best Tool onsite)
  • WEB Remote Diagnostics
  • TITAN Strategy Script
  • Bus Diagnostic Engineering Tool
  • Offline Diagnostic/Refresh Tool

    1. Develop new diagnostic software for SGMW. Within one and a half years, we have completed the development of diagnostic instrument for 48 models, 39 types of controllers, 60 parts suppliers and 307 controllers in total.

    2. Provide diagnostic instrument development in Indonesia, India, South America and other languages;

    3. The company has established a diagnostic software support system to provide support services for Wuling's 4000 official 4S stores.








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