Differential Upgrade

Also called incremental upgrade, as the name implies, is the process of extracting the difference between the source and the target version through the differential algorithm to make a sub-contract, and then patch the difference part on the source version

Differential upgrade PK whole package upgrade

The differential upgrade has many advantages compared with the traditional whole package upgrade method such as low resource requirement, low upgrade power consumption, short upgrade time and less download data, and has become the preferred solution for upgrade in the Internet of Things.

Algorithm revolution, differential one is more efficient

Smaller differential upgrade package means saving customers more costs and bringing higher upgrade efficiency. This makes differential algorithm crucial. Every algorithm upgrade is a revolution in efficiency.

  • The minimum difference subcontract is only 1% of the whole package

  • Differential upgrade package saves 73% in upgrade time compared with the whole package

  • Differential Upgrade Process

    We have experienced the first generation Sunjian algorithm, the second generation Zhusun algorithm, the third generation Wosun algorithm, and now we have updated to the fourth generation Lusun algorithm. Taking MT2503AE and RDA8955 as examples, we can see that with the iterative upgrade of the differential algorithm, the differential upgrade package becomes smaller and smaller, and the upgrade performance becomes higher and higher. The fourth-generation Lusun algorithm has improved the performance by 50%-60% compared with our initial first-generation Sunjian algorithm!







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